Boots: Looking out for the customer

Boots: Looking out for the customer

Boots Group

Just had a brilliant experience at Boots the other day. The customer in front of me had a big pile of shopping that she popped in front of the cashier. The girl who was serving her took a quick look over the items in front of her and split them into two piles. She explained that if she processed them as 2 transactions, the first transaction would entitle the shopper to a £5 discount coupon which could then be used on the second transaction.

I was pretty impressed by this. The cashier had no incentive to help the customer out, yet her actions made sure that the experience was memorable to the customer, positively reinforcing the shopping experience and ensuring the client returned again. Retailers spend lots of time and effort in trying to entice customers back to their store but a positive experience can outweigh any promotional products or discounts that the shopper may meet. Now if I could find someone who would cut me a deal on some baby furniture, then maybe I can finish off Arthur‘s room 😉

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