Dell digs Twitter

Dell digs Twitter

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It’s interesting to watch Dell start to adopt Twitter as a promotion channel. It recently launched a campaign whereby people who were following them on Twitter were given an exclusive voucher offering them 30% off a laptop, with the promise of offering new vouchers every week. This was a follow on from a campaign that made them $1 million before Christmas. Granted, $1 million may not be a huge impact on Dell’s revenues but it’s a huge number by any stretch of the imagination.

What this also shows is that communicating with your audience is a golden when it comes to improving your bottom line. Twitter is but one mechanism to do this, but social networks in general give you an extra edge when it comes to pushing your promotional products or just listening to your audience and finding out what they want, need and desire.

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  1. I notice when twitter brings traffic to my site but I so annot face keeping up with another even more immediate networking method… sigh.

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