It’s all a matter of context

It’s all a matter of context

Have you noticed how things can be more successful if they are consistent with their surroundings? It could be the simple things that make this succeed, but sometimes people don’t tend to look at the complete picture when they have an idea in their mind. For example, beer sales are going to be higher at a ball game, than they are at the ballet. Or selling vaginal dryness cream is more effective if a woman is doing it rather than a man. It’s all a matter of context.

This advice is usually more valuable if you operate in a niche. Making your surroundings and product offering consistent with one another is the secret to success. The two must complement each other rather than being at odds. People’s purchase behaviour needs to be reinforced rather than questioned and a consistent user experience is the key to this. Sometimes the best way it to step away from what you’re doing and wear a stranger’s shoes. If you look at the big picture, does it all make sense?

5 thoughts on “It’s all a matter of context

  1. oh I understand what your saying, no point trying to sell baby clothes to a nun LOL. Thats the best exsample I could think of 😀
    I understand though. Good post!

  2. That’s so true! Looking through the eyes of your target audience is the best way to figure out how to best market yourself – or your product.

  3. I recall a psychology study into how people respond to directions given from global positioning systems. The results suggested that people prefered getting advice from voices they percieved to be most like them (and novelty voices were most disliked). So context does go a long way.

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