What I would do to improve EuroDisney

What I would do to improve EuroDisney

Disneyland Resort Paris 15 years
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Wherever I go, I always try to think what I could do to improve a business. I’ve been doing it for years and now that it comes naturally to me, I even do it while I’m on holiday. So, as I’m holidaying in DisneyLand Paris at the moment, I couldn’t but think up something I would do to improve the place. And here it is.

What is Disney’s most powerful advertising medium? TV? Print Ads? Movies? All wrong, the people who enjoy their entertainment products and pass on the message to their friends. This viral element is immensely powerful and as Seth Godin would say, if something is remarkable enough (read Purple Cow), people will talk about it. It’s advice that applies to any business, whether you’re an Outer Banks rentals outfit or a multinational like Disney. So why don’t you encourage people to speak about you.

I would provide free Wifi in their hotels and their parks (there’s paid-for Internet in the hotels, but nothing in the parks) so that people can share their images and experiences in real time with friends and family around the world. I would enhance my website, so that photos taken in the parks (or even live streams) can be watched by people around the world. I’m having a whale of a time here and am eager to share it with my friends, so why don’t you just make it easier for me?

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