Considering an online MBA?

Considering an online MBA?

It’s great that we have so many options available nowadays. It wasn’t so many years ago that the only option to do an MBA would be to take some time off work and attend a University campus. Now there are a multitude of options around. I did mine with Heriott-Watt in Edinburgh, by correspondence, but here’s another option for people living in the US.

Western Governors University is an online university that has a variety of courses ranging from teaching and health degrees, all the way to IT and business degrees. They are designed for people to participate remotely, at their own pace. They work on an interesting basis where you pay for a six-month term at a time, rather than for the credits you’re taking. They also offer scholarships and tuition aid if you require.

So if you want to do an online nursing degree or a business degree, check them out; they might work well for you.

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