NSA chief endores the iPad

NSA chief endores the iPad

You know, there are many things that can help market your product, but when the chief of the NSA calles it “wonderful” you know you’re on the right track. This is exactly what happened to Apple when Lieutenant General Keith Alexander, will will be leading the U.S. Cyber Command, went on record speaking highly about the iPad. When a company launches a new product they take a massive risk, and to get a high profile recommendation like that can be a very powerful tool.

It looks like the iPad launch actually went better than iPad planned, it looks like supplies are tight because they underestimated the US demand. The thing about a new product is that you can hardly turn the outdoor lighting on it and see how brightly it will shine. Things have to be kept under wraps while the product is being developed. When Apple announced the iPad, it was already being produced and the amounts to make would already have been agreed.

Still, they can always make more huh?

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