Sell Your Cell

Sell Your Cell

Thanks to the success of here in the UK, the company behind it has decided to open up a US based franchise called that lets people sell cell phones that they no longer need. The site isn’t available yet, however we can use the UK version of the site to get an idea of the model they’re going to introduce.

The consumer end of the model is pretty straight forward. Tell the website what mobile phone you have, and you get a list of offers from a number of different 2nd hand phone purchasers around the country. Select the best deal, send them your phone by pre paid post, site back and wait for your cash to arrive. It doesn’t really get any simpler than that really. So what value do SellMyMobile and SellCell provide? Well, they give the consumer the ability to search for the best deal across a multitude of suppliers, without having to check out their sites one at a time. Giving a quick search for the HTC Mozart for example, the different offers exhibit a spread of £71 across the spectrum of offers. And these sites help you spot the best deal for your phone.

An interesting fact I learnt from their site. Most second-hang phone purchasers will also buy phones that aren’t in full working condition. So, if you have a phone lying around in a drawer somewhere, even if it’s broken, check out the site, you may get a few bob for your trouble!

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