In a tough economy, budget brands are king

In a tough economy, budget brands are king

It’s a bit of a no brainer really, but in tough times businesses that specialise in providing their customer with low cost products tend to do better than others. I had this thought when I was reading an article about Zenni Optical. It’s a company that sells eyeglasses starting at $6.95. Add $4.95 for shipping to the US and you have the cheapest pair of prescription glasses you can get anywhere.

So, how does Zenni Optical manage to keep their prices so low? Well, reading from the article I learnt that they produce and ship their glasses all the way from China. Yes, the shipping cost and time it takes to deliver is certainly more than getting it locally, but they can drive the cost of production right down. And how do they keep their costs so low? Well, the website links customers directly to the manufacturer. There are no middle men in the process, which means that any overheads are immediately minimised. All cost savings are passed on to the customers and voila, you have a lean process that places Zenni Optical right up there with the cheapest suppliers of prescription specs around.

They also ship internationally. I might even consider getting myself a pair!

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