Using Twitter for Business

Using Twitter for Business

Have you considered using Twitter for your business? If it’s something you’re thinking about, you should check out Chris Brogan‘s post entitled 50 Ideas on Using Twitter for Business. It’s a distillation of his thoughts and ideas and provides a summary on what to expect and anticipate if you decide to go down this route. Here are some of the more poignant ideas:

  • Talk to people about THEIR interests, too. I know this doesn’t sell more widgets, but it shows us you’re human.
  • Tweet about other people’s stuff. Again, doesn’t directly impact your business, but makes us feel like you’re not “that guy.”
  • You don’t have to read every tweet
  • Twitter gives businesses a glimpse at what status messaging can do for an organization. Remember presence in the 1990s?
  • Twitter gives your critics a forum, but that means you can study them.

As you can imagine, there are more of these down at the actual post (45 more actually), and they provide some great discussion pointers if you’re organisation is looking to move into this space. It doesn’t matter if you’re working in Government, promoting a Medicare supplement or just running a single-person business, understanding the medium you’re trying to use if paramount and if you don’t do this, you’re running the danger of just wasting your time.

So head down to the blog and read: 50 Ideas on Using Twitter for Business

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  1. I think there are different ways for small vs large businesses to use it. We’re a small wine shop, but we’re doing a lot on Facebook & Twitter – we just launched a promotion for someone to win a B&B Dream Vacation along the Blue Ridge Parkway yesterday to see how very small “mom & pops” can use social media to get the sort of results that the big guys like Queensland and Goode are doing. We’ll see if people are as competitive to get a vacation as they are to get a job. More info here:

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