Peter Jones: Turn your Dreams into Millions

Peter Jones: Turn your Dreams into Millions

Was leafing through this month’s issue of Reader’s Digest and came across an interesting article by Peter Jones, a millionaire “serial entrepreneur” who takes part in the TV show Dragon’s Den. Anyway, the article lists some advice that Jones has to anyone interested in following their dreams and making their millions. Here’s his advice:

  • Use your influence: Focus on things you’re good at and the contacts you have amassed
  • Use your confidence: Remove the word failure from your vocabulary; replace is with feedback
  • Make a commitment: Commit to deliver what you promised and never blame others for any misfortune.
  • Get your timing right: There’s a good time to start a business, and a bad time. Learn to recognise the difference
  • Take action: Figure out how to get from where you are to where you want to be. Plot the tasks ahead then put the plan into action
  • Aim for results: Set yourself goals, commit them to paper the find a way to achieve them
  • Persevere, persevere: Making your dream come true is never as easy as you think it is.
  • Be caring: It is vital to care about the people who with with you, from staff to partners. These are your most important assets.
  • Use your intuition: Trust your gut instinct, it’s usually looking out for you.

It’s all a bit basic really, but you’d be surprised how many people get it wrong.

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