Graduation next week

Graduation next week

View of Edinburgh from Edinburgh Castle.
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We’re off to Edinburgh next week as my graduation date has finally arrived. I’ve been looking through the Heriot Watt website to get more information about the event and now have all the flights, accommodation and gown booked for the big day. My parents are coming too, so really looking forward to it.

We’re spending an extra couple of days in Edinburgh to catch the sites and have a look around. None of us has really spent any tourist time there, so I’m looking forward to it. The thing about exploring a town like that we really want to stay on the touristic route rather than end up in the more commercialised side of the town. I don’t really want to be looking in shop windows and finding adverts for IT automation or cerebral palsy lawyers! I much prefer being able to visit the parks and spend some time at Edinburgh castle, but I don’t really know what sights there are to see.

Have you ever been to Edinburgh? Where would you recommend we visit?

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  1. Obviously the castle. Others include Aurthurs seat, volcanic rock formation and also there is a very good camera obscura along the Royal Mile. The parks are nice with plenty of squirells.

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