UK Interest Rates hold steady

UK Interest Rates hold steady

As was widely anticipated, it seems like the UK Interest Rates have remained fixed at 0.5%, the historic low they had dropped to in March this year. This is good news for people on tracker mortgages as it means their mortgages are still costing them very little. However, there’s a concern for home owners that new mortgages at those rates are impossible to find and people are getting locked into higher rate mortgages. Does this translate into more profit for banks, who’s borrowing rate from the Bank of England has dropped?

It’s food for thought, especially if you’re in the market for a new mortgage; but don’t forget the knock on effect on other industries. At the end of the day, borrowing is what drives other businesses, whether you sell peanuts or diamond heart jewelry, whether you’re into services or hard liquor. Banks need to remain viable to provide this service to the economy, so producing a good margin of profit is imperative for them. But the question is, who decides what a reasonable margin of profit is? Should it be regulated by the government? Or should the free market decide?

So many questions!

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