HSBC Malta: Credit where credit is due

HSBC Malta: Credit where credit is due

Some time ago I blogged about a problem I was having with HSBC Malta centred around a communication breakdown. I had been trying to get a message through to them for months, and finally they sent me a letter saying they were cancelling my savings plan; which would have resulted in a substantial financial loss for me (savings plans tend to pay out if you stick with them; but cancelling out early means that the charges you would have paid are much larger than any potential gains; a bit like taking diet pills and going for an all-you-can-eat buffet every day).

Anyway, after sending them a letter (yeah, I had to put pen to paper and pay £4 to send a registered letter); they *finally* got the message and told me what the damage was; which I paid immediately and now my account is back in good standing. After 3 months of using their online messaging facility, it only took one letter to resolve the issue. I don’t know if it was the tone of the message; or the face that I CCed it to their customer complaints department; but they finally resolved the issue.

Anyway, it’s not worth getting bitter about it; and I’m glad the problem is resolved. Thanks to whoever took the initiative to sort it out.

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