What’s in a name?

What’s in a name?

Do you ever get those days when everything seems to have got confused? Well, I had a slip like that today. I was looking up information about Fannie Mae, the US mortgage-lending company and instead my search result took me to Fannie May, a purveyor of fine chocolates. Quite a bit of a difference, though interestingly Fannie May was rescued from bankruptcy a few years ago, in a pretty similar fashion to the way the US government rescued Fannie Mae quite recently.

It always pays to check your facts; because of a slight difference in spelling I almost ended up talking about chocolates instead of mortgages!

Anyway, Fannie May had a great history, being in the business of making chocolates since the 1920s. They were one of the few companies who managed to survive through World War II making their chocolates to the same recipes they always had, even though their raw ingredients weren’t so freely available. That’s a pretty great story and a great heritage for the company. Today they are owned by 1-800-flowers, so I expect they do quite a bit of business by mail order.

Interesting profile I thought. Has anyone out there tried their chocolates? If so, leave us a comment and tell us what they’re like.

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