The best thing for your online business could be a bad economy

The best thing for your online business could be a bad economy

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I came across a great post today by Danny Demichele, an Internet Marketing Consultant, who puts together a good argument how troubled times could actually have a positive impact on an online business. Here are 10 factors that you need to look out for:

  • Gas – The cost of travel mean more people shop online
  • Price Comparisons – The Internet makes comparison easier leading to more online purchases
  • Advertising Efficiency – As marketing budgets get squeezed more money is pumped online into trackable advertising
  • Less Big Brand Advertisers – As big brand advertisers shrink they budgets, smaller organisations get more space
  • Previous Brand Reluctance – Manufacturers will allow more retailers to sell their products
  • TV Shows – More TV shows will move online opening up advertising possibilities
  • Investment Dollars – As more people move online, more money is pumped into the Internet
  • Lower Overhead – Online businesses are typically cheaper to run that traditional models
  • Less Taxes – Avoiding local taxes by shopping online
  • Virtual Services – Helping customers reduce their costs

Danny is an SEO Consultant who focuses on internet marketing consulting and has a pretty rich background in Internet-based organisations. His website also has weekly tips to help businesses success, so look out for them after you read the post.

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