Selling a package

Selling a package

I was looking through a website that sells holidays in Branson and thinking of the great way they package the holidays to be much more than a visit to Branson. For example, they sell their vacations as “Fun and Excitement”, “Comfort and Elegance” and “Music and Magic”; all great themes that put great images in the mind of the reader. There seem to be a number of shows you can go to, and also a number of attractions.

If I had to visit, I think I’d like to visit sometime in summer as they have water parks and caves and caverns to visit. They have a calendar of events, but unfortunately it only goes up to December, so I’m not sure what’s happening next year. Notwithstanding there seem to be loads of parks and other attractions to visit, so if I were looking for somewhere to visit in the US, it would be on my list.

Anyway, back to the idea of marketing themes; they help to build a story in the reader’s mind and so are easier to sell than just a list of features. So keep this in mind when you’re putting together some thoughts for your marketing strategy. Focus on a cohesive story and you make it easier for your customers to understand what you’re offering.

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