Cahoot’s “useful” service?

Cahoot’s “useful” service?

What’s worse than a service that doesn’t work? How about a service that tries and fails? Well, I have an account with Cahoot and they offer a service whereby if you overdraw your account they will SMS or email you. Well, I overdrew my account this week on Tuesday, noticed when I checked my account on Wednesday and transferred some more funds in.

What I wasn’t expecting was an SMS on THURSDAY telling me that my account was overdrawn. That’s about as useful as scouring the Internet for Delta fauctes when your house doesn’t have any running water! What would be really useful would be an SMS before I was overdrawn telling me that this was happening, not one 2 days later. A number of withdrawals from my account are scheduled, so it wouldn’t be hard to have some intelligence in there to warn me that my account is looking like it’s going to be overdrawn too.

Any service you guys find less than useful?

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