Help find Nigel

Help find Nigel

I came across a really amusing marketing piece by the Weetabix Food Company where an advert on TV shows them using a minimising gun to make their mini Weetabix and the operator accidentally gets minimised. The advert encourages you to help Find Nigel by visiting a purpose built website. The website guides you through a few inane games, but always reinforcing the chocolately goodness that the new Weetabix Mini have. I thought it was a really good and cohesive marketing piece which immerses the viewer in an experience that would be too hard and expensive to convey by TV alone.

Obviously, different products would have different ways of encouraging action from views. A company selling information and cures for Mesothelioma cancer for example, would find it pretty hard to engage in this way. But for FMCG tyle products (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) I thought this was a genius campaign, both in its viral aspects and in terms of the depth of consumer immersion.

Great work guys!

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