ReboundTag – Never lose your bag again

ReboundTag – Never lose your bag again

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If you’ve ever had to travel for business, you know all about the risk of luggage going missing on your trip. But you don’t know the real dismay and the sinking feeling in your stomach that comes from realising your bag hasn’t made it. Most of the time, your bag gets found, but sometimes it doesn’t and you can kiss all your belongings goodbye. You may get something back from the insurance, but the sentimental value of some items just cannot be replaced. I’ve had my luggage lost a couple of times so far and it’s always a nightmare dealing with insurances, trying to find receipts of what was in the bag. Better if the bag wasn’t lost at all.

That’s where ReboundTag comes in. I received one of their tags as a sample to try and I must say I love the idea behind their service. They send you a special tag that has a barcode and a human readable number on the side. It also has two types of RFID technology embedded in the tag which airport scanners are designed to read. Once you receive your tag, you sign up to their website and leave your details. All that’s left is to affix the tag to your luggage and wait for the worst.

If you’re unfortunate enough that your bag goes walkies, this time you have a fighting chance. If the bag is recovered, the tag will point the finder to ReboundTag’s “I Found Something” page where they can key in the tag details and send a message to the tag holder (me in this case). It doesn’t guarantee that your bag will be found, but it does help return it to it’s rightful owner. It gives an extra level of comfort. Don’t get me wrong, I’d still keep any jewellery, MP3 players or phones on my person, but at least I know my bulky items are just a bit safer for the tag. Great idea!

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