Is it time to quit Twitter?

Is it time to quit Twitter?

I was reading an interesting post entitled “When to Quit Twitter“, which zooms into the fact that traffic on Twitter is generated from 10% of the user base, implying that 90% had abandoned it. It talks about Twitter’s main problem, that people sign up without a clear idea of what to expect and how to measure what value it’s adding to their life. The article outlines a couple of points that can help you decide Twitter, or any other social network for that matter, is worth your while. These are:

  1. Determine specifically what you want to get out of the site.
  2. Set a period of time during which you’re willing to experiment with the site and develop a clear method to measure your progress.
  3. Evaluate your success and determine whether the time you put into it is worth the return.

Some of us live in Twitter constantly, while for others it’s a brief foray. For example, if one is running a marketing campaign for mother’s day 2010, then they have a short, sharp focus that is easily measurable. However, for lots of people, the Twitter engagement is about trying to add value to their work, their day or their life. You can intrinsically gather if it’s really providing value. Otherwise, use the points above to see if they can provide a clear path.

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