Life after your MBA

Life after your MBA

So, you’ve spent the last 3 years working on your MBA, done all your exams, got all your results and you’re due to graduate shortly. What comes after that? Well, in my case, I did my MBA while still holding a full-time job, so the question isn’t that hard. But for a number of other graduates there are just so many options available that it is easy to get bewildered and not know in which direction to head.

I was thinking about this while flicking through a Graduate Magazine on EuroGraduate. It’s a magazine and website that focuses on graduate careers and jobs listings but also has a whole boatload of advice around living abroad, working abroad and starting your career. The website itself is packed with information pertinent to most graduates, but I particularly enjoyed flicking through the magazine. You’ll notice I said flicking again, and that’s just what the website lets you do. It lets you read through the magazine, flick the pages, zoom into areas or interest and print of relevant articles. I was pretty impressed with how usable the interface was. As you would expect from a web-based medium, it also lets you click on anything and sends you directly to the website relating to that click. I found that pretty useful.

The website itself is divided into a number of sections but the main areas are a career database and an education database. The career database lets you search for jobs and opportunities all over Europe; jobs aimed at graduates of all kinds. The education database was particularly interesting to me, as it lets you search through a number of post graduate courses which are on offer around Europe.

Pretty cool website I thought. It does start to answer the question as to what to do once you do achieve your degree.

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