SlotMusic: An attempt to extend physical music sales

SlotMusic: An attempt to extend physical music sales

Interesting development today as SanDisk try to breath new life into the dying record sales industry. They have come up with slotMusic: an offering that uses MicroSD cards to distribute high-quality DRM-free MP3s and are touting it as an “immediate, tangible, and high quality alternative to CDs and digital delivery”

Personally I don’t think the idea will go very far. I tend to agree with Om Malik who lists 5 reasons why the scheme will fail, and I think the biggest issue is that people just aren’t interested in physical media any longer. Streaming and downloading are just so much more convenient and in this case, available for free on the the same devices SlotMusic is trying to target: mobile phones (although they won’t work in an iPhone). It’s interesting to see attempts to extend the life cycle of physical media, but I believe this will go the same way as the cereal box record, a last-ditch attempt to revive an ailing industry that refuses to change it’s business model.

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