Personalised Marketing Material

Personalised Marketing Material

I came home today to find an some interesting advertising material from one of the leading car insurers in the UK. What caught my attention (which was probably as was intended) was the fact that ther advertising material had some interesting personal information used all over it. For example, a photo of a car in the marketing brochure had the same number plate as my car. The road sign next to what was supposed to be the street where I lived actually had our real street name on it. The photo on the outside had a set of keys with a tag with my name on them.

The interesting thing wasn’t quite so much the auto insurance, but the way it was presented. The personal information grabbed my attention and made sure I gave the brochure a second look. Interesting how marketing companies get more clever.

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  1. Hi Owen, I got the same thing and I have to say it caught my eye. We are bombarded with so much information that isn’t relevant.. I think Banks need to refocus their ideas about customer service as we often feel we are just an account number. Hats off to the concerned….

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