A closer look at your information channels

A closer look at your information channels

How do you communicate with your clients? Your suppliers? Your stakeholders? If you take a look at your organisation, you’ll see a very different picture to the one you would have seen 10 years ago, heck, even a couple of years ago. The world around us is changing and the way we view and consume information changes even more rapidly than ever. I came across a really good post that talks just about this information consumption pattern with respect to consumers and the different channels they have been using to consume information. Here’s a graphical view of what the post talks about:

One particular aspect is the prediction of how things will change over the next 10 years with a greater push towards social channels and the demise of traditional media. The net effect, however is that organisations need to take a long hard look at the ways they disseminate information to their stakeholders and how this trend is going to affect them. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling garden planters or ballet shoes or golf clubs, interacting with your customers on the channels they inhabit is critical to the success of your company, service or product. That’s why this information is so poignant, which is put quite succinctly in the opening paragraph of the piece:

These days, everyone is trying to figure out how to connect with other people. It used to be simple, you just placed some ads in whatever newspaper that was most suited to your product, but now that world is becoming ever more irrelevant. So how do you connect with other people today? And more importantly, how do you do it tomorrow?

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