WiManx: Intelligent Marketing

WiManx: Intelligent Marketing

Ale of Man: The party only stops for a change of pants

What’s the best way to get people to talk about your services and products? Provide something that creates a buzz about the service you provide. I’m not talking about a company trying to sell blackhead remover by tapping into the celebrity market; but rather using something new and innovative that makes people talk about you. I was lucky enough to see something like this happen quite recently here in the Isle of Man.

My current Internet Service Provider, WiManx put together a great service for people who are here for the TT races. One of the attractions on Island is a massive Beer Tent that is set up by Bushys; they have live music ever night and provide a meeting and drinking venue for all the bikers who come to the Island. WiManx set up a free service providing streaming video over the web from 3 different points in the tent, as well as free WiFi for everyone present.

So, how has this worked to Wimanx’s advantage?

  • It’s created a massive conversation item around the Island. Bushy’s Tent is an icon that anyone who visits the Island for TT knows about, and WiManx have linked their name with the success of the tent. This goodwill flows down to users of their service who’s behaviour is reinforced through this action.
  • It puts WiManx in the forefront of people’s minds when talking about advances in technology. Previous webcam exploits around TT on the island involved static cams that refreshed every few seconds. WiManx has blown that out of the water with a choice of live streams at a great resolution
  • It shows off products they offer. One of their products is the provision of a WiMax connection which offers broadband over-the-air at speeds comparable to SDSL. It’s a valid showcase to show potential clients what can be done with their products.
  • It opens up a new market to them. In the future; when someone wants to offer streaming media services, they will be perceived as the leaders in the local market based on their success over TT.

I’ve been using their ADSL service for a couple of years now and I’m more than satisfied with the service and support they offer, so I wish them the best of luck. In the meantime; if you want to watch what’s happening down at Bushy’s Tent, check out the live webcam feed.

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