Disney: Watching them do what they do best

Disney: Watching them do what they do best

Disneyland Resort Paris
Image by webast via Flickr

Well, it’s our second day at Disneyland Paris and it’s been a bit of an eye opener for me. I’ve never been to any of their resorts before, but the people I know who have been come back raving about what a great time they had. And I can see why. Our hotel stay so far has been impeccable, the entertainment spot-on, with a pass to get into the park from 8:00am all the way to a fabulous parade complete with fireworks at 11:00pm, there’s no time in the day that you’re left feeling you’d rather be somewhere else. All the shows, parades and everything we’ve experienced has been choreographed and rehearsed and was executed flawlessly. If someone was marketing a weight loss supplement with the same amount of passion, zeal and expertise; well, they’d have cornered the market by now. Granted, they do have the economies of scale to make it worth it, but it does make all other shows we’ve seen elsewhere feel amateurishly thrown together.

The great thing is that as a parent, I’m gauging the success of this trip upon how much fun my three year old is having, and well, it’s like all his dreams have come true at the moment. There can be no higher praise than that I guess. I might spend some time reading about Disney’s forays into theme parks and how it’s been going for them. Anyone have any pointers?

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