9 thoughts from Brite ’10

9 thoughts from Brite ’10

Some great thoughts in David Rogers’ post titled 9 Themes from the BRITE ’10 Conference. I’ll leave you to read the entire post, but I just wanted to highlight the ideas that come from each of the themes he mentioned, just as thoughts to stimulate your brain.

  • Stop thinking of customers as individuals. Start thinking of them as networks.
  • No customer is statistically insignificant.
  • Be the influencer.
  • Lower the barriers to entry for customers, and raise your level of expectations.
  • Shift from mindless to mindful consumption.
  • True innovation balances emotional & functional design.
  • Leverage untapped potential in your organization.
  • Culture eats strategy for lunch.You are not in the business that you think you are in.

There are some massively awesome ideas in there and I urge you to read the post and learn more about BRITE if you find them interesting. Regardless of whether you’re out to win an election, or to produce the best atv on the market, these ideas can change your company or your personal future. Take heed!

2 thoughts on “9 thoughts from Brite ’10

  1. Hi David,

    Thanks for dropping by. I’ve adjusted the link to the right BRITE 😉 and will keep an eye out for the videos.

    Would like to attend BRITE ’11, but as I’m not based in the US and we’ve recently had twins it might be a bit hard. I’m immensely grateful that you take the time to blog and publish videos from teh event though; it helps make us all feel part of the event.



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