The cost of the Ash Cloud

The cost of the Ash Cloud

British Airways tailfin
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Some interesting facts and figures surrounding the current ash cloud crisis in Europe and the cost it is causing to business. Here are some numbers:

  • British Airways: £15m to £20m a day in lost business
  • TUI Travel: £5m to £6m a day
  • IATA: Industry costs of up to £165m a day

Some of the numbers mentioned are staggering, but it does give an indication of what a devastating effect natural causes can have on a business. You can expect to insure against this sort of eventuality, but the premiums would be astronomical. And then bring to bear the human cost of what could happen once companies start failing and jobs are lost and you begin painting a really bleak picture. It may not be as bleak as the current mesothelioma survival rate, but it still pretty ugly.

Have you been affected by the volcanic ash?

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