Keep in touch with your customers

Keep in touch with your customers

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Customers are the life-blood of a business. Without customers, a business has no purpose, no income and no reason. And this is why organisations always try to understand their client base, figure out what drives them and how they can cater for their needs.

I came across a great example of this when visiting a website of a company called Chocolate and Love. They’re in the chocolate business; making and selling chocolates for a wide customer base. They offer a great service that lets them engage more closely with their clients called The Chocolate Club, whereby you sign up to receive different a supply of chocolate every month. Now, instead of having a very short relationship with the customer, where the experience at Point of Sale will govern the relationship between supplier and retailer; the retailer has an opportunity every month to satisfy and delight their customer. It’s a simple proposition, but one that helps stimulate the engagement.

We’ve tried some of the Chocolate and Love products, so if you’re interested, read our review on Shopaholic.

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