A touch of class from M&S

A touch of class from M&S

Interesting experience a couple of days ago when we placed an online order on Marks and Spencer‘s website. We ran into a problem where we had a couple of coupons to use and the website would accept only one. We sent an email to customer services and they took care of the problem for us.

The really interesting thing was one line that they added to the email response they sent:

Thanks for getting in touch and I must compliment you on your choice in kids wear.

I found that single line awesome. It wasn’t just a thank you for communicating with them. It showed that someone had taken the trouble to actually look at my order, and note what sort of products where in there. It added that touch a touch of personality to the email and gave it that human touch.

It doesn’t matter if you sell cheap clothes, or the top of the line walk in bath, adding that touch of humanity to your online presence can add that touch of class that will keep clients coming back for more.

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2 thoughts on “A touch of class from M&S

  1. Love M&S and yes, that shows an attention to detail rarely seen.

    Shame they didn’t provide correct grammer (assuming you were buying for the twins!):

    “Thanks for getting in touch and I must compliment you on your choice in kids’ wear.”

    But I guess that error makes it even more personal.

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