Google stops censoring China. What next?

Google stops censoring China. What next?

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It was with interested that I read that Google stopped censoring search results in China today. Not that I was happy about it; at the end of the day, regardless of what your ideological beliefs may be, a country has the right to its own sovereignty and the right to make its own laws. However, the nature of the Web is pervasive and this is something that the world must come to terms with. Deep down, I agree with Google’s stance; if I decide to search for “best acne treatment“, I should get the same sort of results, regardless of where in the world I am; likewise if I search for “China militant leaders”. Ranking results based on factors like geographical proximity is one thing, but mapping results onto the ideologies of the current leaders of a country just wouldn’t cut it for me.

Now the question is, what will China do next ?

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