Focus on the Strategy

Focus on the Strategy

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A great post on Seth Godin’s blog reminds us of the importance of Strategic Thinking when looking at your plans. Seth comments about how easy it is to get lost in focusing on tactical moves, while moving away from (or not having articulated) their strategic intentions.

It’s the old adage of missing the wood for the trees, tactical decision are more tangible than strategic intentions and thus more seductive. It’s also easier to measure tactical actions, thus giving the impression that more is being done. But strategy is what needs to drive these tactical actions. Without a cohesive strategy that has been conceived to move the organisation forward, there’s a massive risk of drifting away from the true course the company should be heading down. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling plasma mounts out of your garage or directing a multinational organisation; if you haven’t articulated your goals and are not using them to drive your actions, you’re heading nowhere fast.

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