Product Announcements and Stock Price

Product Announcements and Stock Price

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It’s been interesting to watch Apple’s stock price over the last few days and over the last few hours since the iPad has been announced. Yesterday was characteristed by a steady increase in price, probably as the market started to feel the anticipation around the product launch. As the product was being announced the market dipped as it didn’t seem as exciting as everyone thought. However, when the price point was announces; a price point that would certainly make the product was very attractive to consumers; the price rose once again.

Product announcements can make or break a company. You can imagine what would happen if a company announced it had a cure for Mesothelioma cancer, only to be exposed as a fraud a few days after. It would probably be quite hard to recover from something like that. In the meantime, we’ll keep an eye on Apple and see what happens to their stock over the next few days, as the industry starts to get their hands on the initial devices.

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