Show your customer some love

Show your customer some love

Image by Ingy The Wingy via Flickr

My wife had a negative experience with Tesco a couple of days ago, where they cancelled her shopping delivery without any prior warning. It was interested to watch Tesco’s response, which was initially going to make a negative experience even worse. When she phone to enquire about the order she was fobbed off and she wrote an extremely annoyed letter of complaint. It took them 3 days to respond, which did nothing to help improve the situation; but last night she got an email back with an apology and a £10 voucher.

My wife was satisfied with this; the voucher helped but what she was really after was an apology. The problem here however is that for 3 solid days, all her friends and family have been hearing about the negative experience and all this affects their perception of the retailer. The situation could have been turned on its head if the person at the other end of the phone when she called had the presence to offer an apology and deal with her complaint successfully; much like a quick trim from some problematic tuft . Unfortunately, however, a complaint needs to filter though numerous stages before it can be dealt with successfully and all this does is increase the frustration at the client’s end.

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